I like reading. I like the Swans. So it should be no surprise to find out that I enjoy books about Swansea City!

What's more, I always receive emails asking me to recommend a Swans book. So, to save me time and give you a better recommendation, I have created a list of Swansea City books that I endorse and certainly suggest you add to your collection today!

Swansea City's Greatest Games (Hardback)

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Praise for Swansea City's Greatest Games:

"Selecting 50 great games from 100 years of history is no mean feat! However Chris Carra has come pretty close to the list of games that all of us Swansea City fans would choose. There can be few clubs with a more colourful history than the Swans and this book records some of the club's greatest moments on the pitch. This wonderful trip down Swansea City's memory lane is essential reading for the Jack Army, of all ages and generations!"

- Kevin Johns, Swansea City club chaplain

"From the rainy nights on the North Bank, to the epic cup-raising glory days at Wembley, this fascinating, well-researched and highly entertaining journey through 50 of Swansea City's finest games is a magnificent read for all members of the Jack Army. If you follow the Swans, you MUST own this book!"

- Mark Rees, South Wales Evening Post


Official player books

Ashley Williams - My Premier League Diary

Adrian Mole did it, Anne Frank did it and Swans captain Ashley Williams did it - a diary! Williams shares a year's worth of thoughts from Swansea City's first eventful season in the Premier League, including dressing room banter and his clashes with players like Luis Suarez and Mario Balotelli. It make for very interesting behind-the-scenes Swans reading. My full review of the book is here.

Garry Monk - Loud, Proud and Positive

Loud, Proud and Positive may sound like a book written by some sort of activist, but it's Garry Monk's autobiography. The long-serving defender and former Swans captain has plenty of tales to tell, from charting the Swans' rise to the Premier League to stories about his team-mates past and present.

Swansea City history

Proud to be a Swan - Geraint H. Jenkins
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This is essential reading for Swansea City fans - the history book for a club with so much history. The book begins with the events leading up to the creation of the club in 1912 before taking us through the early days, the war years and up to the top flight successes of the early 80s. Author Geraint H Jenkins balances the highs and lows of the club, including the day the club almost fell out of league football, as well as the glorious rise to Premier League status. My full review of the book is here.

From Graveyard to Ambition
(The Official History of the Swansea City Supporters Trust)

This book - the complete history of the Supporters Trust - is a real eye opener! Some of us may forget how much behind the scenes work went on during the dark years at Swansea City, most of which was conducted by the Supporter Trust. Written by Trust Chairman Phil Sumbler, the book highlights the vital role the organisation has played through the club's highs and lows. Key figures in the Supporters Trust and people who influenced its creation chip in with memories and stories for an all round readable, interesting book - another must read for Swans fans!

Books from past players

Lee Trundle - More Than Just Tricks

Swans legend Lee Trundle is out to show that his career is more than just showboating. With a good dose of emotion, Trundle reflects on his time as a revered Swansea City striker, as well as his days at Leeds, Bristol and Wrexham. 

Alan Curtis - Curt

Alan Curtis is a Swansea City icon who set the field alight during the club's first spell in the top flight in the early 80s, and now he's an accomplished Premier League coach (with Swansea City... obviously). This autobiography is an honest recollection of his eventful life as one of Swansea's best ever players, with stories about his time with Leeds and Southampton, and his 35 caps as a Welsh international.

Specific Seasons

Swansea City 2010/2011: Walking on Sunshine

Keith Haynes takes us on a reflective journey though the Swans' play-off final winning season. It's a passionate account of how it happened, and allows us to relive some of the memories of an incredible year. The final Championship South Wales derbies, Pratley's halfway line goal, Sinclair's hat trick - it's all there! 

Shine on Swansea City: 2011/12 A Season in the Sun
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Another book from Swans writer Keith Haynes, this time a follow up to Walking on Sunshine. Keith gives a vivid account of Swansea City's first season in the Premier League - including the beautifully unexpected victories against Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal.


I'll be adding more Swans books as I hear of them, but please let me know if you think there is one I should feature on this list!

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