About ForzaSwansea

September 2010. I was in the mood to create a blog. I had a few options open to me, but with not many well-established Swansea City blogs around at that time I decided to create ForzaSwansea.com. I soon realised my Swans knowledge wasn't as hot as others, so filled my posts with as much wit as I could until my knowledge caught up. Finally it did (just).

Over three years the blog has gone from the early days where a handful of friends would criticise my writing to being read over 200,000 times by a daily global audience. Then in September 2012, on the eve of the blog's second birthday, ForzaSwansea won Best Sports Blog in Wales at the Wales Blog Awards in Cardiff. I was thrilled, and even wore my Swans scarf on stage in front of the Cardiff-based audience.

Since then, other writing commitments got in the way, so in March 2013 I opened the blogging door to a handful of contributors who joined me in providing witty, passionate Swans blogs to the masses.

About Chris

I'm a Welsh/Italian hybrid, born in Swansea in 1985 (that makes me 28 years old, though I feel about 55).

Although I've travelled across America and Italy, and have lived in Canada and England, I still think Swansea is the best place in the world (when it's not raining). And when I'm not slaving over a hot blog post, I like to watch Spaghetti Westerns, eat Mexican food and drink a lot of real ale and red wine. I'm also recently obsessed with golf, so if you fancy a round get in touch!