From time to time I stumble across Swansea City videos which make me laugh or keep me entertained for a few minutes.

Instead of posting them in a blog post, I've dedicated a whole page to some of the best Swans videos out there. Get in touch via the contact form if you have a video you think I should feature!

Swansea City do the Harlem Shake

It's a global dance craze which has dominated YouTube for weeks... some of us love it, some of us just don't get it. Either way, here is Swansea City's contribution!

Swansea City fan scores at Anfield

Regular readers of ForzaSwansea will know that this will always be my favourite Swansea City video. A Swans fan known as Ciro scores a goal at Anfield during Swansea's 8-0 loss to Liverpool in 1990. The cheers from the crowd every time he dodges a steward are priceless!

Swansea City vs Cardiff City - A Tale of Two Cities

This is a perfect preview of any South Wales derby and one of the best things BBC Wales have done in my opinion! Gives you goosebumps!

Penderyn People (at the Liberty Stadium)

A big Swans fan from the Penderyn team tries to get a ticket to the Swansea vs Man United game. He is successful (eventually)!