Thursday 21 October 2010

Penalties, handbags and Sven

Will someone please show this video to David Cotterill?

Third time lucky? Only joking, but I think your next penalty needs to find the back of the net or it may be time to pass the duty to someone else.

Penalties aside, Tuesday evening might have been a cold one in the stands, but on the pitch the heat was high, with 7 yellow cards and quite a few ‘handbag’ moments throughout. It made for fine watching if you were a neutral. However, as a Swans fan it might have been a different story with QPR really dominating in the first half, until the Swans got back on track after the break. Although we were unlucky not to score the penalty, we were very lucky not to concede a few in the first half. In the end both teams walked away with a point, which, against a top of the table side, is a good point to have.

Onto Saturday, where Swansea entertain Sven-Goran Eriksson’s Leicester. I think every Swans fan was hoping that Sousa would still be with the Foxes on Saturday so we could have shown him what he walked away from, but it was not to be. So, instead of embarrassing Paulo Sousa, Swansea will have to put in a decent performance for a Leicester side with more hunger for points (they’re on a role, unbeaten for the last three games – a nice change)!

Onto some things that must happen on Saturday:

1) Swansea need to score
Okay, it’s not vital, but the last two games at the Liberty have seen 0 – 0 draws. Combining these with the 1 – 0 victory at Reading sees Swansea scoring only one goal for the last three games. I know we were spoilt for goals at the start of the season, but give us one (or two, or three) to cheer at on Saturday!

2) Garry Monk must sharpen up
The last two home games have been his worst for a while. Giving possession away to the opposition thanks to sluggish movement and generally looking out of puff. He will need to show he still has what it takes to make the Swans back four, as there are others pressing for his position.

3) Nouble has to do something (I’d rather Kuqi back at the moment)
If Nouble wants to go back to London with everyone talking about him like he so wishes, he needs to make sure he gives them something to talk about. Static movement and slow vision won’t get anyone chatting.

So, The Liberty welcomes Sven’s men for a nice Saturday kick about, before travelling to Wigan for the long-awaited Carling Cup clash on Tuesday. Forza Swansea!

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