Friday 8 April 2011

Bite-size Blog: Swansea vs Norwich

Swansea cannot lose against Norwich. Not if they want to battle for the automatic promotion spot. A win is vital.

With a full strength squad, this would usually be an easy outing, with three points almost certain on a smooth Liberty surface with a sell-out crowd spurring them on. However the loss against bottom of the league side Preston last week has asked some questions of the Swansea defence (“how could you let such a weak team pressurise you?”) and attack (“why could you not put away your chances?”). These questions must be answered by a convincing win over fellow promotion contenders Norwich.

Norwich, on good form, will be full of confidence after thrashing Scunthorpe 6-0 on Saturday. Can Swansea stop their decent run?

What results mean:

A win would probably see the Swans retain their 4th place spot, which is still a great place to be in considering a slightly bad run recently. If Cardiff lose or draw a win against Norwich would see the Swans leapfrog them to 3rd!

A draw would be better than a loss (duh!). If Cardiff lose Swansea would jump into third.

A loss would be terrible. Technically a loss could see the Swans drop to 6th place (if both Leeds and Reading win, thanks to goal difference), which would be one spot away from dropping out the play-offs. Not a good position to be in considering what happened last year.

So you can see: a good result against Norwich now means everything.

Betting on the game?

I honestly don't know these days. Swansea aren't the most predictable of teams at the moment. You don't know who will score at any point! As for score prediction, a 1-1 draw seems likely, though if Swansea really go for it 2-1 is also a high possibility.

This is the time to prove you have what it takes to get into the top tier once again. Don't let us down.

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  1. Great blog once again Chris. I feel for us to deserve to go in an auto slot we can't afford to loose another game! STID