Saturday 4 May 2013

The Hatching of the Swan - a poem

Though I enjoy writing, I find poetry to be too far out of my comfort zone and, as a result, it is something I've rarely attempted. As my nan once told me "Chris, you are a shit poet".

However a Swansea City fan called Noel has emailed me with an inspiring poem focusing on the creation of the football club we all love.

So here, in a ForzaSwansea first, is a poem:

by Noel Stephen Evans

It was the 14th June in 1912.
Where they met, at the Royal Hotel.
The board of directors were gathered there.
With Mr J W Thorpe, there as well.

He was to be our first chairman.
The excitement was rife in the air.
A public meeting was called for.
Enthusiasm was for all to share. 

Discussions were heard so intently.
With all the notes taken down.
And everyone so proud to witness.
The birth, of our own Swansea Town. 

Our home was our beloved Vetch Field.
In the Sandfields, down by the sea.
Walter, our first ever manager.
Our boss, and our first goalie. 

The first match we drew against Cardiff.
1 - 1, with the old enemy.
And the hundred years that did follow.
To play them, seemed so fittingly. 

Our first ever goal at the Vetch Field.
Was scored by our own Billy Ball.
He also did score our first hat-trick. 
And our first, to get sent off and all.

That first year for us was amazing. 
As we finished, third in the league.
And also lifting the Welsh Cup.
In the final, we beat Pontypridd. 

So that's where our history all started.
We're so proud just being a Jack.
The seeds were laid, and the foundation set.
Where the Swan had come to hatch. 

And all that's gone before us.
With the tradition of our great club.
We've all got so much to be proud of.
In our team, that we all love.

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