Monday 22 July 2013

The new look Forza Swansea!

A new season is on the way and with it comes a new look for your favourite Swans blog (assuming it is Forza Swansea...)

Despite the lovely weather, we are all eager for autumn to kick in so Swansea City can kick off their third season in the Premier League.

That's right, the third season.

Time certainly has passed quickly since that day at Wembley. It got me thinking about how long I've been running ForzaSwansea - around three years, since September 2010.

While a lot has changed in that time (Swansea now have Michu and Bony instead of Pintado and Kuqi) the blog remained the same, so now seemed the perfect time for a little face lift. The navigation is pretty much the same, so if you are easily confused there shouldn't be much to get used to!

Let me know how you like the new design - either leave a comment below or via the contact form.

Summer silence

It's been a little quiet on the blog this summer. Despite loads of goings-on, from transfers to friendlies, myself and the bloggers have spent too much time relaxing and not enough time writing.

Rest assured, as the new season starts we'll have plenty to say and you'll have plenty to read! Which brings me onto...

New blogger wanted

If you have something to say about Swansea City, have some good ideas and - most importantly - can write, feel free to pitch me an article. If it's good I will upload it for the world to read and if you can produce a few of these blogs I will make you a regular contributor.

There's no payment (trust me, I've been doing this for three years and have made bugger all) but we don't do it for money. We do it for the love of Swansea City and the love of writing.


  1. I there Chris,

    I've been visiting your blog 'Forza Swansea' from time to time since I first noticed it on-line going back almost 3 years I guess. No doubt I came across it by accident and found it informative and pleasing with the various updates I came across. I have on occasions shared the odd comment and words of encouragement for all Swansea fans where ever they maybe the world over.

    I have noticed the new setup is far more eye pleasing and I have now booked marked it as a speed-dial so I can regularly check in to see what's going on. I think you're going a great job and add to keep up the good work. There are Jack fans out there who do take note on what is on 'Fanza Swansea' blog even though they may not be making any comments.

    I am looking forward to a very eventful season and I am confident it will bring more success to the club because we ain't any ordinary club. We have a team who believe in themselves as they all work together and further supported by fans who believe the impossible is possible. The includes the those you don't see who work hard in the background out of the publics view.

    The goal in not to look back but to look forward because we can learn from the past to better the future from the present. Swansea City have proven this which is the foundation of much of our success as the world looks on in amazement. This is a special club and everyone involved know what I mean by that because the world are looking on and wanted to be a part of it. Of course every new addition is welcome with open arms!

    Come On Ye Swans!

  2. Hi John,

    Many thanks for the well thought-out response, I appreciate it! And glad you like the new design - it's had great feedback!

    You're right, Swansea aren't an 'ordinary club' and I expect this season to be just as extraordinary as last year!

    Keep on reading! Cheers, Chris