Monday 1 September 2014

Lukasz Fabianski - Has Swansea's gamble paid off?

Three games down and just one goal conceded, with Lukasz Fabianski deserving much of the praise for Swansea City's solid defensive performances. But as JUSTIN AGTAV discusses, signing the mistake-prone Pole was a bit of a gamble. So has it paid off?


By Justin Agtav

When Swansea sold Michel Vorm in the summer and were left with new recruit Lukasz Fabianski as his replacement, I was a little nervous.

I had seen Fabianski play almost every season during his spell with Arsenal and in that time I noticed that he was constantly misjudging crosses and had certain problems catching the ball. He even made a mistake in the FA Cup final last year which almost cost Arsenal the trophy.

But it seems he is not making any of those errors with the Swans and has been one of their best players over the three games so far this season.

The key man for Swansea this season?

Considering that Swansea got him for nothing he is the very definition of a bargain signing. Arsenal shelled out around £3 million just to get backup goalkeeper David Ospina, while Southampton spent £10 million to get Fraser Forster.

Based on past performances one may have said that Fabianski may not be as good as these two keepers, but after seeing him with the Swans we now know he is certainly capable of becoming a Premier League star.

In the first three games he was outstanding, keeping a clean sheet against plucky Burnley and West Brom and conceding just one against Man United. Of course every time the ball came towards him I still had the lingering feeling that he was about to make a mistake, but he actually dealt with cross after cross superbly.

Meanwhile, his height (6ft 2in) makes him a much better aerial presence for Swansea than Michel Vorm (just on 6ft). His distribution was excellent as well which suits Swansea's game perfectly. And he communicated well and looked generally very confident.

And confidence is why I think Fabianski will be a star for Swansea this season.

He always made excellent breakaway saves and was excellent at shot stopping for Arsenal, but at the same time he always looked nervous. He may have been afraid to make mistakes, because it was likely that he wanted to be Arsenal's number one keeper so much.

But now that the Pole is the undisputed number one at Swansea, he should have no problem with confidence and could end up being one of the goalkeepers of the season.


  1. Totally agree,I think he could possibly be the best ever Swansea City goalkeeper-better even than JOHNNY KING & NOEL DWYER ??-(only oldies like me remember those guys!!)

    1. Thanks for the comment Allen. While it was well before my time, I did a lot of reading about Noel Dwyer for my new book - he was a true great!

  2. Terrible article, he was signed before Vorm was sold and has had very little to do in each game to be judged let alone be called one of the best players in those games

    1. Thanks for the comment (even though I have no idea who you are...). I think Justin initially phrased it the way you said, but in the editing process I have changed the meaning of his sentence - my bad. I will amend it now!

  3. Fabianski has been superb in goal. In my opinion he'll be a key player for us and may even get us in Europe

    1. Agreed - he has been very convincing this season so far. I guess there's still plenty of time to go, but if he keeps this up Europe will certainly be on the cards come May!