Friday 24 October 2014

Battle of the centre-backs: Amat vs Fernandez

When it come to Swansea City defenders, Ashley Williams will always be the first name on the team sheet. But who should be lining up next to him in the centre? Forza Swansea's JUSTIN AGTAV shares his opinions on whether it should be Jordi Amat or Federico Fernandez.


By Justin Agtav

When Federico Fernandez first joined Swansea City back in August I actually didn't expect him to get a starting place immediately thanks to Jordi Amat, who had been outstanding for the Swans in the opening few matches.

However now, after his recent injury, it appears that Amat will have a big fight ahead of him to win his place back in the starting line-up.

Should it be Amat...?

After Chico Flores - someone who often went walkabout and picked up cards consistently - blocked Amat from breaking into the starting eleven last year, he will probably have to go through something similar this year.

And that’s a shame because, although many people - myself included - wanted Swansea to sign a new centre-back, Amat did nothing in the first few games to warrant losing his starting spot. And even though Fernandez hasn’t cost Swansea any games, he has made his share of mistakes. For Argentina at the World Cup he was considered one of their weaker defenders, and that led to him losing his place in their starting eleven.

...or Fernandez?

But I’m not saying Fernandez was a bad signing - far from it. I’m just saying that Amat on his form before the injury merits a starting spot.

And the stats show it as well, as Swansea have only conceded 2 goals in the 3 ½ games this season that Amat was on the pitch, while they have conceded 8 in 5 ½ games while Fernandez was on the field.

Fernandez is an excellent signing to have, but based on recent form, Amat should be starting until he no longer merits it.


Thanks to Justin for his opinions on Swansea's centre-back dilemma. You can follow him on Twitter and follow Forza Swansea for updates.


  1. Yet another cheap shot at Flores. Last season Rangel, Amat and Canas were, statistically, booked more often than Flores. (That was a simple calculation based on appearances I am sure if player time by minutes on the pitch were calculated there would be others above him.) Chico was picked out for special treatment because he had a reputation (occasionally deserved) and because he was a superb player. He received a red card for a clumsy foul outside the box with a player going nowhere in an effort to cover other players who had gone 'walkabout'. His other red card came as a results of John Terry telling the ref to send him off.
    Of the players who were forced out before the start of the season Flores together with Ben Davies have been the most missed. Neither Amat, who has stepped up, nor the incredibly expensive, Fernandez are adequately replacements. But there again, I doubt they have lost favour with Garry Monk yet!

    1. Thanks for the well thought out comment. I hope Justin - who wrote the article - also manages to read your opinions.

      Personally I still prefer Amat to Chico, especially based on their form towards the end of last season. Amat just seemed more solid and less of a liability. Having said that I really liked Chico's flair and passion for the game and for the club. He always seemed to give his all for the Swans and that will be missed.

      For the record I'm not the biggest fan of Fernandez, although he performed better against Leicester on Saturday, so maybe he is taking steps in the right direction?

    2. Not convinced by Robert Downing's defence of Chico who, one suspects, was disruptive internally as well as a liability on-field and made us a laughing stock with play acting. Good situation now with 3 guys vying to partner Ash. Contrast that with Wenger - one injury and he has a lb in the centre and a defender at rb. Thanks for Bartley, Arsene!