Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Bradley Out, Pardew In?

A hefty 4-1 defeat against a side who have been struggling for most of the season really isn’t good enough. There were flashes of brilliance when Bradders finally allowed Fernando Llorente some game time but it just wasn’t enough – when you consider how utterly useless Andy Carroll is as a footballer; you start to see just how bad we actually were.

It’s small wonder Bob Bradley has shot to the top of the odds for ‘Next Manager Sacked’ given Crystal Palace have freed up the services of Alan Pardew. Pards has been heavily linked with the Swans job this morning and the story will break across the newspapers later today or early tomorrow morning – it looks like the Star Spangled Banner is heading back home.

Since Guidolin departed; we’ve looked a sorry state and there are a few excuses that keep doing the rounds. Yes, we miss Ashley Williams and we probably should never have let Michael Laudrup go but we did and we have invested poorly since then as a generalisation.

Bradley can’t be trusted with what funds we have to spend in January but then again neither can Pardew really. He’s a typical English manager who has his favourites that always seem to follow him from club to club – get ready for Yohan Cabaye to arrive in Swansea folks!

Our American manager looked stunned when the chants rang out around the Liberty. ‘We Want Bradley Out’ couldn’t have been a clearer message and there is now an alternative that will meet with the board’s expectations for experience and most of the fans will accept.

I say bring it on. Pardew needs a job, we need a manager who understands English football and perhaps we’ll finally see some cohesive football that produces the results we need to maintain our Premier League status.

The last thing we need is a return to the Championship – look at Villa and tell me that we’d romp that league. I don’t think we would somehow – Newcastle had to invest heavily to top that league and Brighton are breathing down their necks! We need to survive relegation this season and Bradders is not the man for the job.


  1. Not Pardew. What happened to the Swansea Way? Pardew is only good for half a season then his teams flop.

  2. I'm an American that has enjoyed the Swansea way since Martinez. I can't believe how far this team has fallen, it seems since Laudrup's sacking, Jenkins and co. have lost it.

    Bradley clearly doesn't have the experience with relegation battles (the crummy MLS doesn't support pro/rel, so no surprise) and it's a big reason why managers like Allardyce are called upon to save teams in a relegation battle - they play ugly, but effective football that's hard to beat and help preserve precious points (or better, not LOSE them) to stay up.

    Pardew is the best short term candidate. But long term, could Martinez be coaxed away from Belgium for a return? If not, then what about de Boer?

    Need to return to the Swansea way...bad idea to sell out to Americans IMHO!!