Thursday 26 October 2017

Loanee must continue firing on all cylinders for the Swans

Now we already know the highest scoring player for the Swans this season is Chelsea loanee, Tammy Abraham. The 20-year-old has looked keen in front of goal and definitely has potential to do great things. But can he score more than enough goals for the Swans this season?

With only six goals scored by Swansea so far, a player like Tammy Abraham is certainly needed. Standing at 6’3, the youngster can use his towering frame to an advantage when taking part in set pieces or jostling for the ball in the air.

Tammy Abraham, or “Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham” as he is known by his birth name, has really taken to a shine at Swansea since joining on loan. He impressed at Bristol City in the Championship last season by being the league’s second top goal scorer. His tally of 23 goals was only beaten by then, Leeds striker, Chris Wood with 27.

At such a young age, Abraham has much potential and a lot to learn even though he is seen as the main threat in Paul Clements’ side. The striker has also averaged a goal for every four shots taken. With a conversion rate of 25% you would bet on the England under-21 starlet to grab plenty more goals this season.

Come the end of the campaign, Tammy Abraham could be crucial in Swansea’s final league finish. With Arsenal being the next opponents, Paul Clement will hope the young forward can cause the Gunners’ defence all sorts of issues.

Arsenal haven’t looked all that great as they have conceded 12 goals already this season. That’s more than one goal per game. Even though they beat Everton 5-2 their defence does look a little shaky. If Abraham can nit-pick his way in the upcoming game there could be an upset on the cards.

When it comes down to attacking threats, Tammy Abaraham is seen as a reliable source. He proved it in the Championship last season and he is starting to prove it this year in the Premier League. Paul Clement does have faith in him and the more time he gets the more confident he will be.

Getting a goal this weekend would be something special for the youngster but even playing any part in a positive result against Arsenal will be gladly taken.  

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