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Thursday 20 March 2014

Blogger Q&A - Swansea City: Doomed?

With Swansea City now fully engaged in a relegation battle, we are checking in with the Forza Swansea bloggers to see what they believe the problem is and if Monk's the right man for the permanent role. Most importantly we decide if Swansea are Championship bound?

Here we go...

Q1) Honestly, are the Swans doomed this season? 

Alec Johnson: Not quite. We have the talent to see us through and Saturday's wake-up call should see the arrogant swagger knocked out of us. I expect a reaction and the graft with the craft to return, starting at Goodison.

Matthew Jacob: Of course not. There are nine games to go, 27 points to play for, Norwich and Villa to come at home - it's still in our hands.

Gavin Tucker: I don't think so. I won't accept that until it's a mathematical certainty anyway. The Swans are not doing it the easy way though, and it could get worse before it gets better. If we don't stay up with the squad we have then we won't have deserved to.

Jacob Cristobal: I don't think so. Have they regressed? Sure, if you call an injury to your best attacking option regression.

Chris Carra: As a general pessimist I would say it's looking more likely as the games go on. However, providing they can pull their fingers out, there's plenty of talent in the squad and points up for grabs to secure safety.

Q2) Who/what do you feel is to blame for the poor second half displays in recent games? 

AJ: Complacency and nothing else. Dominating teams for 45 minutes and believing we can do it again without the hard yards. Palace was exhaustion which is excusable, but the game against West Brom was pure arrogance.

MJ: Honestly? I saw absolutely nothing from the players second half against West Brom. I forgave them for the Palace performance on account of the fixture congestion, but no Swansea fan is going to overlook the frankly spineless offering we all had to endure last Saturday. Mulumbu ran unchallenged from the halfway line to score for goodness sake! Time to stand up and battle.

GT: I don't think you can blame any one person or action. No single Swansea player is completely innocent. We seem to have struggled to react during games to changes in opposition tactics. We need to better organise ourselves to prevent or at least limit the mistakes that are gifting the opposition goals.

JC: Honestly I still think this is just the crash from the high of last season, which has lingered on throughout the season. The injury to Michu eating up the first half of the campaign took away what was to be advertised of 'Michu and Bony: The Wonder Twins', torching the back of keeper's nets around the Premier League and Europe.

CC: I agree with the others. Arrogance and complacency are the main downfalls. Players believing they are going to finish mid-table with no effort. Hopefully the threat of relegation will spur them on to putting in better performances.

Q3) Is Monk right for Swansea at this point or would a more experienced manager be desirable? 

AJ: Too short a window to bring anybody in so we have to back our man. However he is clearly making some dodgy calls. Lita ahead of N'Gog is bonkers and this is not a time for friendly favours.

MJ: I would argue that were Laudrup still in charge I don't believe we would have beaten Cardiff and certainly would have been beaten at Stoke. The change had to happen - Gary Monk is on the receiving end of some very harsh criticism in my book. While I admit changes are coming too late in games at the moment, I believe he can get us over the line. Experience is a must in the summer.

GT: I think he's right for the short term. I don't feel that bringing a stranger to the squad and the club following Laudrup's departure would have worked at the late point in the season. If we stay up I think Monk should remain on the coaching staff but take a step back to possibly an assistant role as was Huw Jenkins' original plan. Appoint a manger with some experience for the new season and Monk can learn and assist them while completing his coaching badges.

JC: Garry Monk deserves to finish out the season whatever the result may be. I think he should also be on Huw's shortlist as one of the top three candidates for next season. As for the two other names... I'll get back to you on that.

CC: After the Cardiff game it just made complete sense, although that remains his only win. He needs to stay in charge until the end of the season, but it may be wise to move him to the coaching staff and look towards a shrewd tactician for next season.

Q4) Just in case the worst case scenario happens: what's the best thing about the Championship?

AJ: I cannot see any positives. Of course we would be one of the favourites to win it but we lose that decade of momentum and that cannot be disregarded. Our win ration would increase but I would take 38 battles against the big fellas any day!

MJ: Two games a week and the thrill of the chase of being promoted. I love the Premier League and I love being there, but I'm a Swansea City fan first, and if that means in the Championship so be it. I'll embrace it come what may. It isn't going to come to that though.

GT: Returning to 3pm Saturday kick-offs for one! Also, it's a proper, fairer league in the fact that there is no glass ceiling like in the Premier League where the best Swansea could realistically finish is around 8th. The Championship is a league you can win (if that makes sense)? Anyone can beat anyone and usually does!

JC: While I think Swansea will avoid relegation, if the worst happens... maybe ticket prices to matches will be cheaper? I don't know... Secondly, those promotion play-offs make for some dramatic finishes as seen with last year's take.

CC: I second Gav's comment - anyone can beat anyone! We'll also be able to have another South Wales derby, considering Cardiff will be there too. I'm sure this won't happen though.