Friday, 25 February 2011

Bite-size Blog: Swansea vs Leeds

Welcome to the second in the series of Bite-Size Blogs; for when you have no time to read a full length rambling.

The game against Leeds is massive. The Swans, poised beautifully in second after the 1-0 victory over Coventry on Tuesday, are just out of reach of the top spot, but if QPR lose and Swansea win, there would only be two points in it! If things go badly and Swansea drop points they could well fall back down to fourth.

Leeds are dangerous, sitting 6th in the table, but only five points below Swansea. They are undefeated in their last 7 games, though have recently produced quite a few draws: something the Swans would prefer to avoid tomorrow.

Despite the game being live on Sky Sports, United will bring down around 3,000 fans, which is a great incentive for Leeds, if they needed one, to really fight tomorrow. Expect a better atmosphere than the 'three men and a drum' that came with Doncaster.

Betting on the match?
My usual bet of '1-0 to Swansea with Pratley scoring' (45/1) looks good again as this should be quite a tight match, but a pound or two on 2-1 to Swansea (7/1) could also be worthwhile. Leeds have produced score-draws in their last two games, so 1-1 (11/2) may be worth considering as well. Swansea to win 10-0 at 500/1 is not worth considering by the way.

I can't see much being changed from last week's 3-0 home win, and why not – it was an effective goal-scoring line up. Leeds, however, will pose more of an attacking threat than Doncaster, so maybe Britton instead of Dobbie, but things should remain pretty similar to last week.

My team to face Leeds would be: De Vries, Taylor, Tate, Williams, Rangel; Pratley, Allen, Dobbie, Sinclair, Dyer; Moore (with Beattie being used as an impact sub in the second half).


  1. Once again great blog Chris.

    Here's hoping that Leeds continue their reluctance in keeping clean sheets and they can ship a few goals.

    Swans on the other hand having conceded the fewest goals at home in the championship should be looking at another shut out!!

    2-0 Swans :o)

  2. A great blog and a great read mate.