Sunday 27 February 2011

In the studio (as far from Hollywood as you can get)!

I've been in the studio today. That makes me sound like some sort of successful actor / producer doesn't it? Maybe, but it is far from the truth! Re-imagine me in Singleton Hospital's radio station studio and you'll realise it's not as glamorous as I first made it sound!

Having been a radio broadcaster for a little while, myself and Matt Barroccu (layabout with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Swans) decided it may be a good idea to create a podcast, loosely focussing on Swansea City FC.

We've tried a couple of test podcasts over the last few weeks, but we haven't been fully satisfied with them. However, we believe this has been a great learning curve and have a feeling our next format will be the one that works. So, before I say “watch this space”, I would like to ask for some suggestions from my blog readers before we record the next one!

Any ideas you may have for features we could try out on our show, before turning the highlights into a downloadable podcast, would be greatly received. We have a few ourselves, but would love to actually try features that you, the possible listeners, would like to hear. Anything, no matter how obscure! It can be Swans based or not.

Just write them in the comments section below or, if you'd prefer to Tweet them to me, go right ahead and I'll transfer them to the comments section myself - I'm nice like that.

Thanks in advance, from me and Chubs Barroccu!


  1. Hi Chris - sounds like a good idea and a new concept (I believe) for any un-official Swans related website. So here's an idea or two:

    1. WAGS - often (in the case of the Swans - "Rosie" apart) unheard of, but could provide some interesting alternative Swans related banter about their other halfs :)

    2. Cygnets - With Messrs Tate and Monk now playing Dad (and Mr. Williams soon to join the club), how about a Swans take on fatherhood?

    3. Music Man - a tiny slot which allows a fan to "sing" a newly composed Swans chant/song, in the hope that it might increase our repertoire (which is currently limited I'm sure you'll agree!).

    I think that's it for now :)

  2. Being a jack abroad, it's the kind of thing I need to keep me informed..nice one, Chris.

  3. How about a "Most ridiculous rumour on Planet Swans this week" feature? ;)

  4. a possible subject for a pod cast could be an objective few of our players; who would be good enough, where we'd need to strengthen etc. how much money should be spent IF we were to get to the premier league.

  5. How about a feature where you profile a Swansea player past or present! May I suggest giovanni savarese.

  6. Thanks for all the comments on here and Twitter (which have been moved here). We are going to use quite a few of them I can see! Keep them coming if anybody has any more!