Friday 6 May 2011

Bite-size Blog: Swansea vs Sheffield Utd

That went quick!

It seems like just last week that I, like supporters across the city, cried: "Brendan who?!" as Swansea City appointed their new manager. Cue a massive season of ups and downs, ins and outs, and wins and losses (...and draws).

Come early Saturday afternoon the 2010/11 Championship season will officially be over. The bulk of the season will be done and dusted, though the final promotion place will be decided a few weeks later after the play-offs. This is clearly where the fate of Swansea's 2011/12 season will lie.

Before jumping too far ahead, Saturday will see the Swans take on already-relegated Sheffield United at the Liberty Stadium where a win, for many reasons, is vital.

Naturally the QPR fiasco still hasn't been resolved, though I can't see points being docked in a way that would see them drop out of the promotion places. Swansea will still want to ensure they are sitting in 3rd to bump themselves up to 2nd should the unlikely actually happen. Failing this, a win is needed to end the season on a high and to give some momentum going into the play-offs.

A big boost will be the return of Garry Monk, who rejoins the team after a stomach bug last week. Thankfully, the rest of the squad are relatively fit and healthy (apart from Ferrie Bodde... obviously), which can only be a good thing.

What results mean:
Currently the unresolved QPR situation hangs over the top of the league (just one of the reasons I kept putting this blog post off as I, like every other football fan, am confused as to what's happening). If QPR don't get docked any meaningful points though, the season for Swansea will end like this:

A win would see them finish in 3rd position, providing Cardiff lose (or draw, but goal difference starts to play a role then). If Cardiff win, then Swansea will end the season in 4th.

A draw would also mean Swansea stay in 4th spot.

A loss may see Swansea drop to 5th if Reading win. If Reading lose though, a loss would mean Swansea would remain in 4th.

Betting on the game?
Swansea will definitely be aiming to go into the play-offs off the back of a good win, though Sheffield United will be playing for pride. Sometimes teams like this are dangerous as they have literally nothing to lose, so may go all out attack for a final hurrah in the Championship.

With this in mind I still see the Swans winning, so will say a comfortable 2-0 win at home. As for goal scorers? Alan Tate needs to get his goal this season – for all the money I've wasted on him getting a cheeky goal, he needs to score tomorrow... doesn't he?

Stay tuned for my end of season review coming very soon, with a new podcast hopefully being released on Monday!

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