Monday, 9 May 2011

NEW PODCAST! - "It wouldn't happen in Swansea..." Episode 3

Matt returns to the studio after his heart operation to discuss the play-offs and more with Chris.

Just click play on the big orange button below and enjoy!

In this packed episode:

- Saturday's win against Sheffield
- Swansea's hopes in the play-offs
- The prospect of a Swansea vs Cardiff final
- "Plastic" fans
- Fabio Borini: will he stay?
- Matt tests Chris with "Who am I?"
- This season's heroes and zeros
- A very frantic Challenge Matt (with another format change)

...and much (well not that much) more!

Here are two photo's to look at while you listen. Don't know which one is which? Chris is the good looking one. Matt is the... the smaller thing with the odd hair.

It wouldn't happen in Swansea - Podcast - Episode 3 by ChrisCarra


  1. Another enjoyable podcast, well done. Some thoughts:

    How could you forget Cardiff fan Jermaine Easter as a 'zero of the season?' Booed as he made his debut, I don't think things got much better for him!

    I enjoyed the talk about 'plastic fans' too as it is a peeve of mine. I am a bit concerned about not getting a ticket for next Monday, as I not be 'eligible' until Thursday. It's a problem which often pops up for big games as I have never been a season ticket holder but have been going consistently for the last 8 seasons (and occasionally before that). The idea of losing out to someone whose interest has been limited to catching the results in the media does annoy me.

    Thumbs up for the challenge Matt format too, feels faster paced than what I remember (which I guess was the idea). I'm proud of getting the Tommy Mutton answer although Matt was much quicker than me!

  2. Yeah, the Tommy Mutton question was a good one. If you come up with one of those, let me know and I'll include it next time.

    I may include your quote about plastic fans in a blog soon, as I wanted to touch further upon it. It's hard to say who is a plastic fan, and I can't really discriminate as I have only been a Swans fan for a couple of seasons... however I now follow them through highs and lows and will go to every game, unlike the many who will just go for the Cardiff games. It's the same with every club I guess!

  3. Great podcast lads, had me laughing in work today. Matt didn't mention terrorism enough in my opinion though haha

  4. Awesome stuff mate will listen to it now!

  5. Dixie Dean's goalscoring record? - Try Cyril Pearce... other that that - enjoyed listening, cheers guys

  6. Thanks for all the comments, glad you've enjoyed!