Saturday 4 June 2011

“Bite-size Blog: Danny Graham”

It seems Brendan Rodgers was keen to fill the Fabio Borini shaped hole very quickly and has done so with a bid for Watford's top striker.

Danny Graham has signed for Swansea City, after Watford accepted a £3.5 million bid on Saturday.

Borini set a new standard for strikers joining the Swans, so Graham will have big shoes to fill. However, fans can be confident that goals will come – he scored 24 last season, making him the Championship's top scorer.

The 25-year-old scored against the Swans back in their 1-1 draw in March.

Some facts:

- He is over six foot tall (great to have a little height in the squad)
- He has Premier League experience with Middlesbrough
- He was named in the 2011 PFA Championship Team of the Year.
- He was a target of Championship champions QPR earlier this year

Here's a video containing all his goals from last season.



  1. he is not signing for swansea

  2. I think you're wrong my anonymous friend...

  3. 'Anonymous' reminds me of a facebook comment someone made during the playoffs: 'You won't be going up'.

    Anyway, some tidy goals there, hopefully he can step up to the Premier League (nearly wrote 'Championship' there!), I'm pretty excited about this signing. Plus of course, Brendan knows how to get the best out of players he knows, as seen with Sinclair and Borini.

  4. Scored his first goal