Wednesday 8 June 2011

NEW PODCAST! - "It wouldn't happen in Swansea..." Episode 4

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In this week's ultra-packed episode, presented by Chris Carra and Matt Barroccu:

- Chris and Matt's Wembley experiences
- "Plastic" fans and the season ticket fiasco
- Who should stay and who should go from the current squad
- Rants from Matt about anti-Welsh journalists
- Chris recaps on the "Smudge1962" incident
- and, of course, 'Challenge Matt'


It wouldn't happen in Swansea - Podcast - Episode 4 by ForzaSwansea


  1. To be honest, I did think originally that my comment about being more prepared to get a PL season ticket but not a Championship one was highly dodgy sounding and sure, worded terribly, but I also think Matt's 'cringing' response - although he understood my overall point - was unfair. As Chris said, I've been going to games consistently for several seasons, I have been part of the journey from the relegation battle season up to the Premier League, it's not as if I've never bothered until up until now, which is the exact sort of plastic fan that annoys me!

    The 'downside' of a Championship season ticket is that, as mentioned, I work most matchdays and so having to make sure I'm free for 23 home games would be a hassle, rather than what I've been doing until now which is just going when I can, and getting shifts covered here and there. No-one, and again this has already been mentioned, 'needed' a season ticket until now, so paying money for a Championship season ticket and the potential work problems it posed would frankly be unnecessary. Even now, there is a risk that I will not be able to make every PL game.

    One final point: let's be honest, the PL IS more special and appealing than the Championship, right? I mean that's pretty much why there's been a lot of fuss about this promotion, and it could be that we're only there for one season (hopefully not). How many new season ticket holders who bought before Wembley would have done so if there was no chance of promotion? Why weren't these people season ticket holders already - are they glory hunters as well? Of course not, because the attitude that a true fan should have a season ticket in whatever division is a ridiculous one and is what's been winding me up big time over the last week or so.

  2. Finally listening to podcast. Excellent work again lads.

  3. Really enjoyed the podcast mate! Excellent stuff! Reckon I'd give Matt a run for his money on the Challenge though!

  4. Jonathan Weaver10 June 2011 at 09:26

    make sure to check the podcast "it wouldn't happen in Swansea" great listen when hiding from the mrs watching some reality tv

  5. nice podcast!
    Hoping forzaswansea gets proper recognition as I am soon many swans blogs will be popping up soon :)

  6. Finally got around to listening to the podcast. Great as always.

    It was funny to hear you guys talk about the journey back to Swansea. I caught the train with loads of fellow Swans fans, and while the majority were completely knackered everyone had that little glint in their eye of pure joy. I'm going to leave the partying for next season.

    I know some of my 'diff friends have criticised me for being a 'plastic' fan and maybe I can be considered to be one. I only go and watch the Swans with when my Dad is free given that we have gone together since he took me for my first game in the mid 90's. I've been to at least 5 home games each season since 2002, not great I know but I did live over 300 miles away for 4 of those years.

    We should welcome more and more Swans fans so that we can fill out the Liberty and make it the fortress it deserves.

    Do we only want those 'genuine Swansea fans' to turn up with gaps in the stadium, I think not.

    I would have queued to get a season ticket but it was more than likely that I would not have been able to go to every home game and i'd rather a fellow Swans fan sit in that seat roaring the team on than a gap in the stadium. I'll just console myself with queuing up overnight for 1 of the 2000 matchday tickets !!

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Looking forward to hearing your views in the Premier League (would you believe!).

    Andy (a fellow twitterer)

  7. Cheers Andy, glad you enjoyed!

    I don't think you qualify as a 'plastic fan'. I know many who will only attend a few games a season because they can't get to the stadium regularly, but will usually listen in / keep up to date with the news and match reports - these are still genuine fans.

    The ones who spoil it are those that ignore the team all year until they find out that a trip to loads of "big name" games will be on their doorstep next season, then buy a season ticket instead of leaving one for a genuine fan.

    Same goes for those who only come out to when Swansea play Cardiff - primarily to shout abuse at Cardiff, and not really to support the Swans.

    Luckily I think the majority of season-ticket holders next season will be genuine supporters - they surely must be genuine fans if they queued for that long to get one (or a bandwagon jumper!)