Sunday 10 July 2011

NEW PODCAST! - "It wouldn't happen in Swansea..." Episode 5

After his lazy Egyptian holiday, Matt rejoins Chris in the studio to discuss Swansea City transfer news.

Just click play on the big orange button below and enjoy!

In this episode:

- Chris and Matt discuss the ins and outs of the transfer window
- An interview with a Reading fan, who gives his thoughts on the final and Swansea in the Premier League
- A new feature: "Devil's Advocate", where Chris and Matt argue their cases
- All your Twitter questions answered

Unfortunately "Challenge Matt" does not feature due to recording problems (despite me saying it will in the intro!) - sorry, but thanks for your questions, which we shall use next time!

All feedback welcome, and, to decide who should win "Devil's Advocate" just add a comment below. Enjoy!

It wouldn't happen in Swansea - Podcast - Episode 5 by ForzaSwansea


  1. I assume the reaction has all taken place on Twitter, I feel a bit lonely commenting here!

    On the topic of booing, I feel the need to point out that this has been an issue for several seasons now, as you mentioned it happened around the winter period last season, and it's something that seems to happen whenever people decide to blow a defeat (or even a draw) out of context. It is certainly not just 'plastic fans' that boo, but the self-appointed 'real fans' too. There have been many occasions when the opposition have scored late on (perhaps putting us 2 goals down) and, en masse, people have got off their seats and headed for the exit (yet, perhaps even more irritatingly, stopped on the concourse area when we have an attack going). Anyway, I cringe when this happens as it is like a huge middle finger to the players on the pitch. As I say though - it will certainly happen at some point this season, and it will be nothing new, new season ticket holders or not.

    To be honest I just feel the 'plastic fans' debate is tiresome now - not because they don't annoy me (believe me, they do) but because of the snobbery displayed by people in deciding who counts as one. I know why I am being sensitive to this, as one who waited until promotion before buying a season ticket (something people wouldn't have batted an eyelid at when we went up to the Championship), I feel like I am being tarred with the same brush as other people, despite my many years of consistent, Vetch-attending, League 2 and League 1-going support. My comments backfiring spectacularly on the last podcast didn't help either!

    This is, however, the first time I have used the phrase 'en masse', ever.

  2. Also, I'd like to hear the membership scheme discussed on the next podcast. I'm debating whether to join (just checked, at £10 for ST holders it's less than I thought) but like Matt said, it's several years too late really; at least it will come in handy for the future.