Thursday 2 January 2014

Swans On Film: "Leon is King!"

Swans On Film is a very simple new feature for ForzaSwansea, where we show a Swansea City themed video! It could be a fan-made tribute, an amazing goal, a funny off-field skit or a blast from the past. Basically anything to do with the Swans!


Today's Swans On Film is: "Kings of Leon - Leon is King"

This is a parody of a famous Kings of Leon song with a Swansea City twist - it's a dedication to our legendary midfielder Leon Britton! It was originally created for and performed by Swans fan Dan Edwards.

Leon! Leon! Leon!

If you've got a video you'd like to nominate for Swans On Film, just tweet me, leave a message on our Facebook page or just comment below!


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