Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Swansea City book!

Hi everyone, Chris Carra here. Fear not, there will be another Blogger Q&A session soon, along with my season review after the Sunderland game this weekend.

Before that, I want to draw your attention to a project I've been working on since February (the one which has eaten up the majority of my time). I've been writing a new book called 'Swansea City's Greatest Games' which will tell the stories of - as the title suggests - 50 of the greatest games in Swansea's history.

It will be published later this year by Pitch Publishing and should make a brilliant read because the content is astounding. Swansea City have played some absolutely incredible games in their 102 year existence and the best ones will be documented in detail in the upcoming book.

Naturally the cup finals, successful promotion attempts, incident-packed and goal-saturated games will all be included, but - as I'm still writing the book - I'd be very keen to hear any suggestions to games that I should be checking out

If you have any suggestions to games that I definitely need to include, please leave a comment below, drop me an email via the contact form on this website, tweet me or even send me a Facebook message.

I will keep you updated, but for now many thanks for reading and keep an eye out for a new blog post very soon!

Cheers, Chris


  1. Swansea 3-2 Yeovil, 2003/04 – might not be room for it in a top 50, but one of my favourite games at the Vetch. 2–0 up, then threw away that lead to goals from two Cardiff fans, with pantomime villain Gavin Williams doing the ayatollah in-front of the North Bank.

    We were a bit starved of South Wales derbies back then, so Trundle's last minute winner was celebrated like a victory over our mates up the road. Was nice to wipe the smirk off Williams' face too, after he had given it the big one in the Wales on Sunday the week before.

    1. Many thanks for the recommendation and a thorough reason why - I've got about 42 chapters lined up at the moment, with a growing maybe pile so this game has definitely made it on there!

    2. Brilliant! Any idea when the book will be out yet?

    3. Thanks - yeah it should be out around September, although not sure of the exact date yet. I will make sure to keep everyone updated though, cheers!