Tuesday 4 February 2014

Blogger Q&A - Five tough Swansea City questions

Swansea City are not enjoying their football at the moment. And we aren't enjoying watching.

But we've got great players, a good manager and a brilliant fan-base... so what's going wrong?! Myself, Alec, Gavin and Matt have shared our opinions on form, management, the derby and relegation in a very testing Blogger Q&A!

Q1: What are your thoughts on Swansea's recent form?

Alec Johnson: Frustrating. All the talent is there and the injured lads are back so we are running low on excuses. This is a stronger team than the past two seasons and they have to fight first and play second. They currently have this in the wrong order.

Gavin Tucker: It's not the results, it's the manner of the performances. I could accept our position if we had showed some fight, some passion or desire; but we are making some simple errors and failing tactically on a basic level. Poor preparation, a lack of concentration... it's hard to watch at times.

Matthew Jacob: I think we can all accept a dip in form if there’s passion in the performances. Quite frankly at present I’m not sure Laudrup knows what to change to improve results. Players are coming back from injury which will hopefully give us a timely boost in a massive run of games.

Chris Carra: It's disheartening. And it's, unfortunately, a vicious cycle - the poor performances feed fan negativity which feeds player negativity which results in more poor performances. The club need a few good displays (and wins!) strung together, because one positive performance in every five matches isn't going to cut it.

Q2: What's your view on Michael Laudrup's recent 'I'm not really bothered' attitude?

AJ: I’m not convinced that he’s not bothered - I believe that he is. His manner is consistently cool, win or lose. However, there are moments when passion needs to be delivered with a message. Now is one of those moments.

GT: The apparent lack of tactical preparation and some questionable team selection has raised concern. He's laid back - it's his nature and player management has never been his strong point. However, if just for his own reputation and future career in management, he needs to take action, rally for the battle ahead, motivate and help guide the team through this difficult period.

MJ: I can’t say I’m surprised by it. Laudrup has always come across as very laid back and if I’m being totally honest I’m not sure he’s ever really bonded with the fan base in the way that Brendan Rodgers did, or even Roberto Martinez. It hurt when they left the club but there was certainly a feeling of togetherness with those two in charge. That seems to have evaporated under Laudrup recently.

CC: Laudrup has really disappointed me in the last month or so. I don't agree that he needs to stand up and shout at every game - that's not his style - but he seems too casual at times, which probably rubs off on the players. I can't say I respect some of his recent team selections either.

Time to say goodbye?

Q3: Chico... have we had enough of him yet? Or does he have enough potential to justify his place in the squad?

AJ: This fella has too much passion, he’s off the scale! If only he could control it. However I would sell him in the summer.

GT: I still have faith in him. Although his dramatics against West Ham were embarrassing, he showed how good he can be against Fulham a few days earlier. We need more of that side of Chico. I think he needs some guidance, be it from Laudrup, a coach or Ashley Williams.

MJ: I thought Chico was excellent against Fulham and has put in a number of good performances since he joined the club. Then in almost the same instance he manages to embarrass us with his antics. And that’s what they are: embarrassing. I rate Chico, but please cut out the rolling around and the squealing.

CC: He's not the player he was last season that's for sure - too many mistakes and the play acting is getting a little embarrassing now. I think - like Gavin said - some mentoring would help him. I'd like to see him improve in the next few months otherwise he should go in the summer.

Q4: Who is going to win the South Wales derby on Saturday? 

AJ: Fine lines will decide this one. Passion will play its part but it is the moment for talent and composure and no doubt we are the better team. For us it’s about tempo and for them set pieces.

GT: Swansea. We have a point to prove. They might think it will be easy but we will be up for this. As supporters I think we will need to be patient on the day and get behind the team whatever. We will have enough to break them down over 90 minutes. Emnes is bound to score!

MJ: I was at the West Ham game - if we turn up and put in a similar performance we’ll be humiliated at home. It’s time to stand up and fight back. I’m going for 2-1 Swansea.

CC: A month ago I'd have said Swansea, but I'm less sure as the days go by. Cardiff - despite their table position - seem to have a few players that could hurt us. However, if the crowd at the Liberty play their part and the team actually show some passion for a change Swansea will win.

Q5: And finally... will Swansea get relegated?! 

AJ: Honestly, no. Michu and Vorm returning at the crucial stage of the season will make the difference.

GT: No. Looking at the remaining fixtures and current form it will be tough and we may struggle to get to 40 points, but so will quite a few other teams. Ultimately I feel we will scrape together enough points to finish 15th-17th

MJ: No. Though I think there are members of the squad who could do with reminding we’re not "too good to go down". We’re in a scrap, so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dig in.

CC: No, but it may be a close call. Fulham and Cardiff will probably be relegated and there are other teams that should fill the final doomed position. However, like the others say, Swansea really need to play well now. A few wins and we're back in the top 10. A few losses and it could be "hello Championship..."


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  1. There is no one simple answer for this seasons happenings, Swansea are just a current victim of previous successes, this year's Newcastle to some extent.

    They don't want to fail, surely and as of yet, haven't, it's their, the players lively hoods, why would they go out to be rubbish or underachieve? Pointless. We also saw what happened to Wigan, when most if not of all their defenders were injured, at least our injuries have been at the beginning of the season and are slowly recovering.

    Saturday was not good, the players looked shall we say 'happy' in the tunnel, prior to the game but then all that could go wrong did, I'll put that down to bad tactics and players out of position far too often. Felt sorry for the travelling Jacks that day.

    Chico, to be honest, has not been the player he was, since his father passed away last year and I can sympathise, having been there myself.

    The worst thing for me personally out of all that is or may be going on is the negative press, even from apparent Welsh local tabloids and online reads,, wholly biased towards the empty vessels up the road, not quite sure why some people actually still purchase, it's not even printed in Swansea any longer.

    Everyone gets problems to deal with, in all walks of life but given Swansea are a self built club, self funded, with self belief and not relying on foreign money, then I am sure that it will l all sort itself out and shut the unknowing fools up, the club deserves a lot more respect than it is currently getting.

    1. Thanks for the considered comment, even though I'm not sure of your name.

      I agree with some of your points - you are right, there is no 'magic answer' and past success does create higher expectations, especially from newer fans who may not be used to the Swans being poor.