Monday 23 December 2013

Lee Trundle vs. Swans fans - A Festive Battle

I was mentioned in a tweet (on Twitter of course) along with Lee Trundle. The tweet noted Trundle's comments in the Evening Post about Swans fans' negativity.

I read the first tweet, then popped to make myself a coffee. When I returned I had around 60 unread interactions. Something had kicked off...

It seemed to be a disagreement between Trundle and Swans fans over the club's recent form. But, instead of trying to voice my opinion with an ever growing number of Twitter users in 140 characters, I've taken to to briefly share my thoughts!

Trundle - he scores when he wants!

At the end of the day both parties have given good arguments.

Firstly, it's hard to deny that Swansea have been oddly poor in form and results over the past few months. The full reason is unknown, but the European games and squad rotation have clearly been playing their part. The team are not gelling - Bony is not scoring, Michu is not scoring (Tiendalli is scoring... which is odd), and generally players are looking tired.

As many have pointed out, the Premier League table is pretty unstable at the moment and a poor run of results could throw Swansea into the relegation zone in less time than you may think. The way the winter is shaping up, with games against Man City and Chelsea coming up, Swans fans have every right to be worried - lose both those games (which isn't that unlikely) and things may start to look bleak.

It's not all bad (and this is where Trundle's argument comes in). He says in his Evening Post column that he is "tired of all the complaining about Swansea City's performances". I agree with his idea that Swansea overachieved last season and this is why they aren't looking as shiny this year. I also like the notion that although Swansea aren't playing well, the club is still in good standing in two tough competitions.

That standing is (if you didn't know already) - mid-table in the Premier League and in the Europa League knockout stages with a glamour tie against Napoli looming. That's not bad. Yes injuries and sub-par displays on the field are making Swans fans frustrated, but things could be a lot, lot worse (we could have Vincent Tan as owner and be on the verge of changing from white to pink with yellow polka dots).

I guess the ultimate thing to take away from this blog post is that - as Trundle says - we must stick together and support the club through whatever. Good performances are only a game away. But as fans - who pay stupid amounts each year to follow the team - we have the right to voice our frustrations over the poor displays.

In conclusion we are all right! Now it's time for my coffee.


If you want to read more about Lee Trundle, read his book More Than Just Tricks.

Vincent Tan doesn't have a book... yet.

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